12 Day Beginners Training in Thai Yoga Massage with Balazs Nemeth

25.5. – 5.6.2017

For everyone with an affinity to give and receive on a physical, mental and spiritual level

In an Nutshell

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. This is a 12 days training, certified by the Sunshine Network, led by the wonderful and most experienced Balazs Nemeth. You will be a certified Thai yoga masseur after this.


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Background I: What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. As in hatha yoga, the primary aim is to balance the sun and moon qualities of energy in the central energetic channel of Sushumna nadi and to provide our patient with an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Through the combination of acupressure and applied yoga, the practitioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and balance.

Thai yoga massage could be seen as a moving meditation. When performed with awareness, equanimity and loving kindness, practicing Thai yoga massage trains the body, the mind and the heart. It becomes a mutual meditation and a powerful energetic exchange with many benefits for both giver and receiver.

Background II: Some words about the Center Of Gravity

We are the first AcroYoga Center in Europe with a strong link and emphasis on Healing Arts. For example, we did a series of 8 weeks of preparation explicitly for this training. This is a cosy place with a couch, piano, guitar. Just to give you an idea. We provide a soft and warm floor, a terrace, a beautiful overall setting in the middle of famous St Pauli (famous for other things, I admit). You will enter a space already filled with a welcoming atmosphere the day when you start your training with Bali — who comes here on a regular basis and helped shape the Center Of Gravity with ideas and his energy.

Sounds Good, please elaborate!

Overview of the beginners course: our thai yoga massage training will focus on the systematic tuition of a full body massage. The aim of the course is for the participant to be able to give a full 2 hour treatment to an average healthy patient. During the course, a much wider variety of exercises are introduced, from which the eventual massage may be tailored to fit the needs of the practitioner and the patient (according to the dimensions of giver and receiver, state of health, flexibility etc.).

In accordance with the spiritual traditions in which our massage is rooted, the 69 hours of hands-on training will be complemented by morning yoga or tai chi sessions (1,5 hours every day), in which we may experience the stretches, pressures and energy lines worked on during the massage, and early morning meditation sessions (1 hour every morning except the first day), in which the state of mind recommended by the tradition for thai massage is explained, and can then be experienced and cultivated. The evenings will also include shorter periods available for questions, bhajans, sauna, dhamma talks and meditation practice, according to season and the setting of the course. The morning yoga and meditation sessions are optional but highly recommended parts of the course.

Who is training me? Who in Balazs Nemeth?

Interested in the power of touch to heal since early childhood, Bali regularly trained in all sorts of healing modalities available in Europe in the 90’s, until the first meeting with Thai yoga massage in Chiang Mai in 2000, convincing him to delve deeper into the ancient art. Years of courses with the masters of the northern style followed, Chongkol, Asokananda, Takys, Laurino and Pichet resulting in a thorough understanding and love for the style and a successful practice. Due to increasing demands to teach, Bali enrolled in the Sunshine Network teachers training curriculum with Laurino as his main tutor, whom he assisted at beginners courses in Thailand and India for the next 6 years. These years with Laurino helped to give him an understanding of how thai yoga massage works as a spiritual path, coupled with buddhist vipassana meditation, metta meditation, yoga and tai chi. A fully authorized tutor of the Sunshine Network since 2012, giving classes regularly in Hungary, Thailand, Belgium and Germany, Bali transmits the love for spiritual growth through healing in his precise, mindful way of teaching. His main areas of focus in teaching are posture, ergonomy, and the physical basics of a safe and fruitful practice, and gives advanced workshops in „Hands Free” thai massage, lower back pain therapies, Thai foot massage, Thai herbal compress massage, as well as 12 day beginners courses.

Is this course for me?

Requirements from the student: The course is open to all with an openness and affinity to give and receive on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Since thai massage is done on massage tatamis on the ground, a basic physical ability to spend time on the ground is the only physical requirement for participation. No previous experience in massage is needed.

The details about certification

All those successfully participating in the beginners course will receive a signed and stamped Sunshine Network certificate of their studies. This allows students to go on to advanced studies with teachers from the network. What the certificate allows you to do in the business sphere depends on the local regulations of the area where you wish to practice. These rules tend to change form time to time, and from region to region. In some countries of the world, it allows you to write off the hours you gained for a naturapath, masseur or alternative therapist curriculum, while some countries only accept their own registered schools. Feel free to ask Sunshine Network teachers in the given country for more information.

How many hours of study are certified? A course is usually a minimum of 69 hours of thai massage, 16,5 hours of movement, and 10 hours of meditation training. That makes 95,5 hours. The evening programme varies according to venue, and any training hours are added to this total.


What is the material based on? The backbone of the course is Asokananda’s „The Art of Traditional Thai Massage”, the first publication on the topic in any language other than thai. The founder of the Sunshine Network, Asokananda wrote this book in 1990, and it still forms the backbone of teaching today. However, as time passes, teachers have made slight changes and new approaches to the subject, which may be provided as handouts and manuals to complement the book.

Accomodation needed!

The community around the Center Of Gravity is large. We are hosting international workshops on an regular basis. You will find a couch / bed to surf on almost for sure. We will help you organize your sleepovers as soon as we know that you are in. Plus there are 4 places in the Center Of Gravity available for no extra fee.


  • night bird 901€
  • early bird 999€
  • owl / regular 1066€

What is included in the price?

11,5 days of tuition (thai massage, meditation, yoga or tai chi), a printed manual, and a certificate (if you successfully finish the course). A couple of places to sleep for the first who take them.

How many places are there?


How can I apply for registration?

You will find out about this event on Thursday, January 19th 2017, on our homepage, in many AcroYoga and other Facebook groups all over Europe and on our own Facebook site.

We have the policy to offer a „night bird“ price for four days: until Sunday 22nd, 11:59 p.m, Berlin time. This offer is limited to the first 10 people to apply. If you want to get it you need to write us an Email to info@center-of-gravity.hamburg until the date specified, and we will send you a booking link. As soon as the booking is confirmed, you are in.

As soon as the „night birds“ have their place, we will make the booking link official and everyone can use it to secure his / her place with the „early bird“ price. It will be available until Sunday, April 16th, or until the first 20 bookings are made.

After that the regular price („owl“) will be valid.

Important note: You can transfer your place, but will not be refunded.

Important note: Repeaters will be offered the night bird price independent of the day of application.

Where is the Center Center Of Gravity?

You will find the Center Of Gravity at Talstraße 19, 20359 Hamburg.

Public Transport: Take the S1/2/3, exit at „Reeperbahn“ in the direction of „Talstraße, Operettenhaus, Hans-Albers-Platz“.


Take the first stairs, go left, take the second. Outside and after 10 m turn left into Talstraße. Stop after 70m at „Getränkeblitz“. Find a metal door blocking your way into a backyard. Find the bell „Center Of Gravity“. Press it. Gate opens. Walk for 10 m into the yard. Turn right. Find a white door. Enter. You reached your destination.

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