„Hands Free“ advanced Thai massage training with Balazs Nemeth

10.11. – 12.11.2017

„Hands Free“ advanced Thai massage training with Bali (Balazs Nemeth) in the Center Of Gravity

In a nutshell

The workshop will be a 2 day course covering the full body massage without the use of hands, preceded by an energy line and posture refresher Friday evening and ending — if you did well enough 🙂 — with a certificate of the Sunshine Network. A printed manual will be provided.




The details

This advanced workshop will build a repertoire of techniques for giving a full-body massage without the use of our hands. The inspiration for developing this material came from seeing small masseurs “killing” their thumbs and wrists, attempting to give pressure to suit the needs of heavy, muscular patients. This workshop aims to provide tools to avoid long-term injuries and pain in the thumbs, wrists and arms, arising from such situations, and to give alternatives to masseurs who already have shoulder, arm or hand injuries, to give time while they heal.

We will look through the body from foot to head in the sequence of a Northern style Thai massage (from the front position, through the side, back and sitting positions, up to the face massage), and learn how to work the energy lines with the use of elbows, underarms, knees, heels and the balls of our feet, utilising solely the bodyweight of the practicioner. Most of the massage positions used will be sitting or standing, giving a welcome relief to the half kneeling working postures difficult for those with stiff or painful legs.

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Is this for me?

The 2 day workshop is open to all who have completed a beginners course with the Sunshine Network.

Those who work with other styles of Thai massage are also welcome, the workshop can serve as an enrichment class, as long as they have an operative knowledge and practical sense of the ten sen, the energy lines which are the foundations of northern style.



Interested in the power of touch to heal since early childhood, Bali regularly trained in all sorts of healing modalities available in Europe in the 90’s, until the first meeting with thai yoga massage in Chiang Mai in 2000, convincing him to delve deeper into the ancient art. Years of courses with the masters of the northern style followed, Chongkol, Asokananda, Takys, Laurino and Pichet resulting in a thorough understanding and love for the style and a successful practice. Due to increasing demands to teach, Bali enrolled in the Sunshine Network teachers training curriculum with Laurino as his main tutor, whom he assisted at beginners courses in Thailand and India for the next 6 years. These years with Laurino helped to give him an understanding of how thai yoga massage works as a spiritual path, coupled with buddhist vipassana meditation, metta meditation, yoga and tai chi. A fully authorized tutor of the Sunshine Network since 2012, giving classes regularly in Hungary, Thailand, Belgium and Germany, Bali transmits the love for spiritual growth through healing in his precise, mindful way of teaching. His main areas of focus in teaching are posture, ergonomy, and the physical basics of a safe and fruitfull practice, and gives advanced workshops in „Hands Free” thai massage, lower back pain therapies, thai foot massage, thai herbal compress massage, as well as 12 day beginners courses.

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The workshop will be taught in English. Ok, Bali also speaks basic German, but do not push him too hard.

Need a place to stay overnight?

Students can sleep at the Center Of Gravity for a donation.


200€ containing tuition and printed course material.

150€ repeater


follow this link for booking 

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