Isolate. Integrate. Improvise. AcroYoga Workshop with Slava and Devon

Saturday, July 28th, & Sunday 29th, all level AcroYoga workshop with Slava Goloubov & Devon French from VanCityAcro, Vancouver, Canada

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In a nutshell

Devon and Slava have been teaching AcroYoga for the last 7 years, together traveling around the world hosting workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, while building a thriving community in there home town of Vancouver. now they are excited to come to you to share what they love and practice every day. VanCityAcro’s style is recognized internationally for their high content in creativity, perseverance and rhythm that they put into each flow they create.

Join them for a full weekend with AcroYoga, flows, washing machines, technique, precision and movement!

Your suggested experience

You need to have mastered at least level 2 or alike to gain something from participating in this workshop.

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Prices per person

  • 170€   regular – available for everyone until July 28th 2018.
  • 150€   early bird – available for everyone until May 16th 2018.
  • 150€   reduced – available for people with low income. Self assessed. Please notify us in an Email if you choose this option.
  • 140€   duo – available for friends. Duos need to register on the same day & both need to notify us about the joint registration.
  • single day (Saturday or Sunday) 100€   regular and all other options – available for everyone until the desired day of participation (Saturday or Sunday).

Sounds good! Please give me the details!

Day 1, Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00h

If you are looking to learn some of the more creative washing machines and start to move into more of the dynamic movements in AcroYoga this will be perfect, we will expand upon the new washing machines and transitions so expect to have your practice challenged and at the same time we will definitely break down the safest ways to learn more dynamic skills, As we would like you to leave with skills that you can practice on your own,

Day 2, Sunday, 12:15 to 20:15h

Experimenting with brand new entrances and exits from both static and dynamic poses will be our focus on this, truly this the seed of creativity, through this well thought process you will unlock new tools to expand your vocabulary. Flow will be the name of the game, expanding upon the skills and foundations we learned on Saturday stitching all the information into seamless washing machines and transitions that will present a high caliber content.

Be sure to register early to save your spot! We look forward to progressing your personal practice and prowess with you, and growing the bonds of our playful community together.

Come, play and inspire!

Who is teaching me?

Slava Goloubov

Slava Goloubov has been practicing AcroYoga for 5 years, in addition to countless other disciplines including Hand-to-Hand and Circus Arts, Martial Arts, Yoga, and more. Slava has devoted himself wholeheartedly to pursuing the path of movement exploration. He teaches full-time around the city of Vancouver out of local gyms, studios, & his own private studio. Slava has taught thousands of students internationally in his classes, private training sessions, retreats, & teacher trainings.

Aside from co-owning and operating VanCityAcro as a business and university, Slava runs his own self-titled brand, keeping him in movement full-time. When he is not teaching his students, he is investing in his own personal development and skill acquisition to be sure to bring the most cutting-edge information, techniques, & innovations back to his classes.

Devon French

As it’s Co-Founder, Devon French has been with VanCityAcro since its inception 5 years ago. Devon is also a certified personal trainer, & Hatha Yoga teacher, though he has always made AcroYoga a priority above his countless other disciplines of study and delivery. Much like Slava, Devon has trained in myriad movement modalities, including ballet, circus, martial arts, & dance. This integrative approach is one of the reasons that Slava and Devon work so well together.

Devon’s role as a father to his son Dash also informs his understanding of the value of community, and of creating a “safe space” for individuals to gather, grow, and explore themselves and their connections. Devon’s warmth and approachability, coupled with his years of experience, makes him a highly sought-after teacher by many in the local Vancouver community.


Some of you can sleep in the Center Of Gravity for the weekend (until Monday). You will find blankets, a shower & tatami mats on a cork floor, pillows and some sheepskins. Around the Center are several other options available. Please let us know if you wish to take that option so that we can help you organize your stay.


For questions please contact Devon, Slava or our office team at the Center Of Gravity, or call Ralph directly: +49.173.3272877.
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If you finally come to the (very likely) conclusion that this is the event you want:

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