Kirtan Night

3.11.2017, 20 Uhr

Siri Akal Kaur: PhD, Singer, Composer, Yoga Teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer

Siri Akal was born in South Ireland, she sings Gaelic, English, French, Spanish and Gurmukhi (a sacred tongue from north India). She is as well an experimented Kundalini Yoga teacher and a proficient Sat Nam Rasayan healer. Appointments with AmritAtma.

On Friday, we will enjoy her sweet and angelic voice in a private acoustic concert. Siri Akal  is very enthusiast about to share the power of sacred sound with your own voice. The concert is an offering to anyone to feel the Naad,  the divine within, connecting with our own true sound.

This will be the first of a sequence of concerts dedicated bring light and love through sound and singing.

How much?

8 – 15 Euros, „It’s giving when we become open to receive“.




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