AcroYoga Retreat Monkey Mountain August 2018

Friday, 17th of August, to Sunday, 26th of August, 10 days (incl. arrival/departure) of body & mind empowerment at the beautiful Villa Vallerosa, Selci, Italy

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Join us in the beautiful Italian countryside for 10 days (incl. arrival/departure) of AcroYoga — yoga, partner acrobatics, and healing arts — to rediscover and consolidate the strength of your body and mind!

4 teachers from super experienced to newbie are guiding your daily training, therapeutics, yoga, and meditation practice and make this experience exciting, fun, and deep!

Highlights: We have the huge estate of the beautiful Villa Vallerosa in the Sabina Hills, 60 km north of Rome, all to ourselves! A large panoramic yoga patio, swimming pool with a view on the hills of Sabina, double rooms in most individual apartments kept in their original 18th century style with a balcony / terrace. You will be fascinated.

In addition you will enjoy full board, community cooking with local food, and one free leisure day you can use at will: visit Rome or the Mediterranean seaside, wander the hills of Sabina, or visit ancient Roman villas in the neighborhood.

This journey is for beginner to intermediate to advanced. Everybody’s welcome!

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  • Uli Schuchart (yoga)
  • Simon Lemcke (AcroYoga)
  • Guido Burkhardt (AcroYoga)
  • Ralph Buse (AcroYoga)

Gallery, impressions of our previous monkey mountain trips to Villa Vallerosa

Official Images from Villa Vallerosa


  • 10 days (incl. arrival/departure) at Villa Vallerosa in apartments (wonderful details: see below).
  • Shuttle service from and to the nearby train station Gavignano Sabino.
  • Full board including breakfast, lunch (self prepared), dinner and beverages.
  • Special welcoming dinner with local dishes on Friday, 17th.
  • Pool with a view.
  • Large panoramic yoga terrace.
  • 6 hours of daily yoga, AcroYoga, acrobatics & healing arts practice (details: see below).
  • Exclusive usage of the whole estate of Villa Vallerosa, including all facilities.
  • On demand: One leisure day in Rome, train tickets to and from Roma Tiburtina included.
  • A team of min 3 max 6 certified yoga and AcroYoga teachers.


You are accommodated in cosy but large apartments with double rooms, usually with separate beds. Each apartment has a bathroom, a kitchen, some a living room, all either a terrace or a balcony. Your apartement may be in the villa itself or in — equivalently cosy and spacious — a house next to it, same age, same style.


  • 1100€   regular – available for everyone until August 16th 2018.
  • 990€   early bird – available for everyone until June 16th 2018.
  • 990€   reduced – available for people with low income. Self assessed. Please notify us in an Email if you choose this option.
  • 935€   duo – available for friends. Duos need to register on the same day & both need to notify us about the joint registration.
  • 825€   repeater – available for those who already did an international retreat with the Center Of Gravity.
  • If you cannot come for the whole time you can take 80€ off the price for every day you do not participate.

All prices include 19% VAT.

Details 1: Highlights

  • We have a large 100 square meter panoramic yoga patio just for us. Leave your mat & come back later.
  • We have a swimming pool — again just for us –, about 10 meters long, with a view on the hills of Sabina for sunbathing, high acrobatics with waterspotting or just relaxing, enjoying the view. Leave your towel & come back later.
  • There is a huge estate with farmland, horses, a donkey, sheep & dogs to explore and befriend. Please share your new found friends with others.
  • You will reside in noble and most individual apartments kept in their original 18th century style with double beds, kitchen, plus bathroom, balcony, terrace, roof terrace or garden.
  • You will enjoy full board, created by you and your fellow AcroYogis via community cooking with local food in the villa’s kitchen with its large industrial gas oven and cooker. There is just us, so we leave our food and beverages there & come back later for a snack
  • Spend one free leisure day as you wish: If you can forgo the villa’s conveniences for a day you can visit Rome or the Mediterranean seaside, wander the hills of Sabina, or visit ancient Roman villas in the neighborhood, possibly guided by Luciana, one of our two wonderful hosts — you will see.

Details 2: The daily program, round about

  • 08:00   Yoga (1,5 h)
  • 09:30   Breakfast preparation by everyone
  • 10:00   Breakfast
  • 11:30   AcroYoga (2,5 h)
  • 14:00   long break, leisure time, prepare your food from stuff in the fridge
  • 17:00   Healing arts or AcroYoga, depending on the energy level of the group (2 h)
  • 19:00   dinner preparation by a selected group, changing day by day
  • 20:30   dinner

Details 3: Extra program and specials, round about

  • First evening: italian family dinner in the villa, cooked by friends of Luigi and Luciana. Motto: „More than you can eat & better than expected“ in short: „Arrive!“.
  • Luciana will sporadically suggest or invite you / us to trips into the region giving historical backround stories, most of them true, I believe.
  • Every other day Luigi and a small group of volunteers will do a regional round trip and go shopping togehter in the nearby shops, markets and supermarkets to fill our fridge with italian specialities and „regular“ food.
  • Everyone interested in taking over / owning the kitchen for an evening for cooking a special dish with a couple of helping hands please step forward and you will get the applause of the group.
  • Visit a local festivity, Porchetta for example, take a walk to Cantalupo for a treat with really good ice cream, walk through the surrounding fields to Selci, go to Luciana’s favourite restaurant — there is always a local event or sth else you can investigate and immerse into at night or during your lunch break.


Organisation: Arrival and Departure at the Villa Vallerosa

Fly to Rome Fiumicino and take the train to Gavignano Sabino. Notify us on the time of your arrival and you will be fetched from the train station.

Experience shows that it happens to be most convenient and fun to start this trip together at the Hamburg airport. Same flight, same train.

Suggested flight:

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Want To Come?

Call us or write us an email for more infos or follow this link for immediate booking.

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If you are around: drop by for a cup of tea!


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    Ich fand es mega gut! Tolle Gruppe und eine sehr schöne Zeit!

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