Art of Movement Weekend with AcroContact Yoga

20.10. – 22.10.2017

The fire theater performers & founders of AcroContactYoga, Ruslan and Saar, present the Art of Movement weekend — Montreal Style!

This is what you will get

2,5 days of AcroYoga based on perspectives of Flow, Movement, Partnering and Dance. Learn how to improve your understanding of the principles of balance in static poses vs motion: alone & together. Discover how to apply those principles on different aspects of AcroYoga and Movement: trust & grounding in the unknown. Unfold possibilities of adaptation through creativity: change your own strategy & switch roles. Learn how to create a flow — and develop your own.

This Intensive is meant for the Intermediate / Advanced level (Find the prerequisites in the full description). Practice fundamental skills on a regular base, alone and together with others! The whole weekend is a building-up progression, focusing on the understanding of bio-mechanics of your body and the body of your partner, through techniques, drills, acrobatics & movement.

Immerse with us into a creative process!

Who are the teachers?

Ruslan and Saar are AcroYoga explorers and theatrical fire performers. Both are certified by AcroYoga Montreal and are among the leading figures of the AcroYoga scene in Belgium.

For more information, please check the links below:

  • AcroContactYoga:
  • MovingFireArts:

To have a better idea about Ruslan and Saar, you can find more links below or just come to their workshop on July 23rd!

Recommended Prerequisites

We highly recommend you to be able to implement the prerequisites in order to get the most out of the training. The program is intensive and requires a good preparation, so that you can enjoy the training instead of suffering it.

All the recommended prerequisites are the same as for the AcroYoga Montreal Immersion: please watch on YouTube!

Pre-reqs in words:

  • YOGA
    • Chaturanga Dandasana hold: full plank min 3 breathes, with knees on the ground min 5 breathes
    • Utkatasana followed by a transition to Navasana: minimum 3 transitions combined with min 3 beathes hold for each position
    • Stable tripod headstand min 30 seconds PLUS min 3 Pike presses or 5 Straddle Pike presses
    • Handstands with a spotter min 30 seconds hold: standing AND spotting
    • Back Bird plank hold min 15 seconds + min 3 presses (basing AND flying)
    • Front Bird Workout min 5 times (basing OR flying). Explanation: Front Bird -> Base sets feet under the knee caps of the flyer -> Flyer does tuck and back to straight
    • Stable Side Star min 20 seconds + Straddle Bat Tic Tocs min 3 times (basing OR flying)
    • Stable Free Shoulder hold min 30 seconds (basing OR flying)
    • Stable Star hold min 30 seconds (basing AND flying)
    • Stable Tuck Sit hold: min 10 seconds OR min 15 seconds with Flyer’s feet on Base’s knees (basing OR flying)
    • Barrel Rolls for a basic coordination (basing OR flying)

If you experience medium to big time difficulties with implementing some of the prerequisites, please make sure you increase your practice, in order to get there by the time, when the workshop starts. Once again, the idea is to enjoy the practice and not to suffer from it.

If you successfully participated in the Want Mooo! series of the Center Of Gravity, you will be almost there …

Want to come?

Call us or write us an email if you are still in doubt whether this is for you or just book immediately. Most importantly: If you are around do not forget to come by for a cup of tea!

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