Acro Overload with Daniel Scott

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of May, 2,5 days intensive workshop with Daniel Scott in the Center Of Gravity for intermediates, explicit prerequisites are given

In a Nutshell

Quite simply, this intensive AcroYoga weekend is designed with one main goal: to blow your freakin‘ mind!


Sounds good! Please erlaborate!

We’ll push boundaries while polishing skills, explore new vectors of movement as we strengthen existing connections, and deepen your personal understanding of what AcroYoga truly means… to you, your partner, and the communities you play with.

This is not a beginner series, nor an all-levels weekend. Be prepared to work hard and smart. If you come with a partner, be ready to work with others. If you come solo, you will be expected to work with multiple people. There are pre-requisites for a reason– as long as you have basic mastery of the fundamental skills asked, join us! You will not be expected to accomplish everything presented. In the event you do, you will be expected to challenge yourself to do it with multiple partners.

We will refine mastery of our primary roles (Base or Flyer) through the lens of outside perspective (Flyer, Base, Spotter). Get what you want by asking for what you need! You will be expected to try everything– dynamic and unique variations will be given to accommodate a wide range of skill level. Prepare to upgrade your practice, partnership, and performance through skillful communication on all levels: verbal, physical, & energetic.

Focus on treat before trick, foundation before decoration, and learn to work together instead of falling apart. This intensive weekend is ideal for yogis who wish to expand their movement toolkit, and AcroYogis looking to polish and refine.

Find your balance between challenge and reward.

Do your trust your AcroYoga practice?

Are you ready to prove it? It’s time for an Acro Overload!

Who is teaching me?

Daniel Scott

Yogi Provocateur

You will find a lot more about Daniel in the Links section below.

Daniel will bring an experienced flyer to demonstrate and provide two more helping eyes and hands.

Is this for me?

You do have a good understanding of these prerequisites

Which is in words:

Which means: If you cannot safely do variations of star, side star, or foot to hand, you should not be in this workshop.

I am not there yet but want to come!!

Do not be disappointed if you do not feel that you are quite there yet. You will have plenty of opportunities to get there!

For those who are almost there

The Center Of Gravity will provide 2 warm-up events — „Acro Overload Prep“ workshops — with Sayta and Sophie, who will do everything to help you gaining the skills needed in a very specific manner.

For those who really have no clue yet how to accomplish all this

The „Want Moo“ series will continuously prep you on these fundamental but most important skills over 8 weeks in a closed group. A very good learning environment, which is not specifically directed to the workshop but more broadly laid out. However, it will prepare you to be able to get the refinements form Satya and Sophie before „Acro Overload“ starts.

Please refer to our webpage and Facebook site for more information on the „Acro Overload Prep“ and „Want Moo“ events.

Both „Acro Overload Prep“ and „Want Moo“ will ensure that everyone in the room is on the same level when „Acro Overload“ starts. For the maximum benefit for all participants. Be one of them!

How many places are there?


If the weather is fine / warm / no rain we will open up for 10 more monkeys as we can use our grand terrace for training then, too!

So, yes, there will be a waiting list and it may well be that if you are on it you will slip in on May 12th. No matter what the world says about Hamburg: Hamburg can be very warm and welcoming at the end of May!

Accommodation needed!

The community in Hamburg is the second largest in Germany, we all know each other as friends, and Hamburg is small. Well, smaller than Berlin. You will find a couch / bed nearby the Center Of Gravity to surf on almost for sure. We will help you organize your sleepovers as soon as we know that you are in.

What is the price?

How can I apply for registration?

Please follow this link to book this event (in the process your registration with name, surname, tel & email is required)

Important note: You can transfer your place, but will not be refunded.

So make sure that you fulfill the prerequisites!! Daniel he has no problem telling people they should not be there if they come and show they haven’t met the pre-reqs.

Do your trust your AcroYoga practice?

Are you ready to prove it?

Apply for Acro Overload!

Where is the Center Of Gravity?

You will find the Center Of Gravity at Talstraße 19, 20359 Hamburg.

Public Transport: Take the S1/2/3, exit at „Reeperbahn“ in the direction of „Talstraße, Operettenhaus, Hans-Albers-Platz“.


Take the first stairs, go left, take the second. Outside and after 10 m turn left into Talstraße. Stop after 70m at „Getränkeblitz“. Find a metal door blocking your way into a backyard. Find the bell „Center Of Gravity“. Press it. Gate opens. Walk for 10 m into the yard. Turn right. Find a white door. Enter. You reached your destination.


You will find this event on our list of events on Facebook, too.

You will find a lot more about Daniel below. You find videos and articles

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Acro Overload Pre-Requisites

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