Pop-up Workshop with Heidi Blais – AcroYoga Montreal

personalized pop-up AcroYoga Workshop with Heidi Blais, integral member of AcroYoga Montreal, on August 31st, 19.30-21.30

Still can’t believe she’s coming to the Center Of Gravity, to your center, your city, your place… to have a workshop with you guys:



Her gift to you, this is what you will get…

You will get a personalized pop-up workshop … to make your first steps in acroyoga, improve what you are working on plus maybe a few exercises that are out of the box —  to enable you take the next steps in your practice.

Is this for me?

This is an all open / all level workshop for everyone: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

So please, dear monkeys of Hamburg, welcome Heidi at our place, lets enjoy this Thursday night. Together.

About Heidi Blais

„I am a researcher of movement, games and partnering techniques. Inventing and re-thinking ways to unlock the creative potential in everyone, is my constant pre-occupation and mission. My material is adapted to the particular needs of students; this means I have never taught the same class twice … sometimes I wish I could! I love to observe people, their bodies and ways of moving, as well as witness their multi-layered-ness. I want to live in a world where my friends, students and family to feel worthy and beautiful no matter what. Being human humble, playful and trying my darndest to be honest.“

Heidi specializes in the development of innovative partnering based on principles of alignment and breath inspired by her practice of Ashtanga yoga and slacklining. As a teacher, Heidi loves to witness the panoply of students’ expressions as they experience their bodies in new ways! She draws from her background as an architect to structure her classes and guide movers from a wide variety of disciplines into partnering, from foundational technique, through to creation and choreography.

An integral member of AcroYoga Montreal since certification in 2011, Heidi is now honored to co-teach its annual teacher training and immersions alongside mentors Jessica Goldberg and Eugene Poku.

Want to come? Please share

30€, book here 


After a long day of work, tired, I came home on Wednesday night, 23rd, just closed the door to my apartment, … and found this message on my cellphone:

„Dear Ralph, Hoping your summer is going well. I have heard many wonderful things about you and your studio from friends while teaching/ travelling in Europe. I am wondering if you will be in Hamburg at some point between 29.08 and 03.09 (next week/ week thereafer)? I am currently in Europe and have a few flexible days during that period; perhaps a pop-up workshop is possible at your studio space?“

I was so thankful for this heartfelt feedback from one of the integral member of AcroYoga Montreal, one of the most renowned AcroYoga teacher in the world.

A pop up workshop? Of course this would be possible. I am delighted to welcome Heidi   — and meet her in person.

AcroYoga Montreal’s mandate is:

The evolution of AcroYoga beyond its traditional flow and movement through the fusion of the form with other movement arts and techniques (i.e. dance, b-boying [break dancing], and martial arts) to create a contemporary aesthetic that knows no boundaries or forms yet represents the body in motion in all its expressions. Just like b-boying, AcroYoga will become an attitude and lifestyle – not just steps or forms, but an ever changing chameleon that adapts to the practitioner and their environment. Long live AcroYoga……




Trusting, counterbalance, fun, failing, succeeding, connecting, moving a spine like a snake, finding the perfect foundation and balance — that is what I and 20 other monkeys from beginners to advanced took from the 2 hours with Heidi Blais yesterday evening. This was much to work on for everybody & everymind and also much to take away and incorporate into our practice. Thank you so much!

We took some images. Here they are:

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