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Arda Ardasson

Vinyassa Yoga, AcroYoga


200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, San Diego, California, 2013
AcroYoga International Teacher Training, Germany, 2016

I’m a certified Vinyasa Yoga and AcroYoga instructor. I have been visiting Hamburg and had friends and a small community since 2015. I have already started teaching Vinyasa Yoga and AcroYoga beginner level (at a safe environment).

Since AcroYoga is my passion in terms of making the world a better place piece by piece, and how it binds people together by building trust, overcoming fear, releasing serotonin by playing and healing arts through the therapeutic flight and Thai massage skills we use.. etc,

I would love to teach as many places as possible where people would misinterpret acroyoga by acrobatics!! My mission is to show people that their limits come from the mind and the poses we achieve are just the result.

The actual goal is to overcome fear, explore beyond your limits, build trust and communication, enjoy and bring the heart over mind!


Video of myself and my ex partner:


phone: 0163 687 5762
whatsapp: +90 536 225 8077
instagram: @ardasson
facebook page: @AcroMania