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Sergej Kuhlmann

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Hello my name is Sergej and I’m an Acroholic!

I tried AcroYoga for the first time after I saw people in the park doing it and immediately got hooked…

Things got RAD when I met Lucie Beyer and all this other heavy users.

We did acro as often as we could – sometimes even in public.

Soon I wanted more… Little did I know…

I cleaned the Sutra for Acro, assisted in countless classes and slipped into teaching up to 6 Acro classes a week.

After training under Ido and his team in Copenhagen for 5 days it was clear that I had to join Joseph Bartz and Annika Dörr in Berlin for some month of quality movement development to up my game. Berlin is also where I got to learn from Jeppe at the Urban Acro Retreat hosted by Lucie and him.

2017 is where things really got out of control… Daniel Scott AcroOverloaded Hamburg. I got the chance to teach at the german AcroYoga KULA and the Move Copenhagen <3 Somehow ended up in Italy and later in Spain for a month long partneracrobatics teachertraining after assisting the beautiful Emily Baxter at a mindblowing Yoga Slackline Workshop. Taught Acro at the Wanderlust and spread some movement beauty inspired by Anika Dörr at the Summerstale.

I learned a shitload of tricks but also got deeper insigts in to movement quality, prehab and rehab, strengh development, programing, handstands, partner work and other nifty stuff.

My classes are playful but demanding. Designed to make you stronger, coordinated, mobile and antifragile.

You will laugh, sweat, up your Acro Game and fall in love with the release work.
Imagine getting world class conditioning while you feel like playing childrens games.

Come Play <3

Spezial Thanks to my Teachers:
Lucie Beyer
Kilian Trenkle
Jeppe Skovgaard
Daniel Scott
Emily Baxter
Ishine Gape
Millette Núñez
Martin Kvist
Niko Douwes
Monika Kolb
Steve Bywater
Frank Neuwirth
Satya Holznagel
Victor Wester
Kathy Bleeck

Nikolai Pawlas

Simon Pouly

Adam Colton

Joseph Bartz, Annika Dörr, Clemens Teichmann

Ido Portal, Odelia Goldschmidt, John Sapinoso, Shai Faran, Jonathan Fletcher

And of course Ralph Buse the head and heart of the Center Of Gravity Hamburg!

Im Center Of Gravity unterrichtet Sergej Movement und Balance.