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Peter Glueckstadt

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My lifelong passion and interest in health lead me eventually to my first yoga class more than 10 years ago. Since then, my passion for a continuous and sustainable practice has ever increased, with an eagerness to learn more. It was strict Ashtanga style for the first years, visiting numerous workshops with David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff, Andrew Eppler, Kathy Cooper, Mark Darby, Kino McGregor, a well as a number of non-Ashtanga.

Since 2010 I practice on yearly retreats with Danny Paradise who learned Ashtanga yoga from David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff, the first generation Western Ashtanga yoga teachers. His interpretation of the practice is non-tradional and very open and non-dogmatic and is the major influence to my own approach to yoga.

I encountered acroyoga around 2013. While, as I see it, yoga mainly „feeds the hermit“, I see acroyoga as a great practice that feeds the sense of community.

Additionally to many classes and workshops with our first teacher in Hamburg Lucie Beyer and plenty of self organized trainings I did a Solar Immersion in 2015 with Jason and Chelsey Magness as well as intensive trainings with Ezra „Bossy Flyer“ Lebank, Josh Young and Lizzy Tomber from Acrorevolution,
Jacob Brown and Debbie Collis and several others.

„Balance and Stillness“ are qualities that fascinate me a lot in my practice, be it in my personal yoga practice or in acroyoga practice with friends. With these qualities our practice can become a metaphor to how we are in and how we move through our daily life, and that is where I see a deeper value.