Oktober 2022

16Okt(Okt 16)8:3018(Okt 18)18:00Advanced Thai Massage Workshop8:30 - 18:00 (18)


3 day thai massage advanced hands-free training

16.10.2022 – 18.10.2022 with Balasz Nemeth

During the three day workshop, we spend each morning and afternoon session with a hands on treatment with Balasz “Bali”, given to one of the participants. This will be “laboratory demo-treatment”, ie: the different sensations tangible to the therapist will be highlighted by Bali, and sensed by all students through touch on the spot, as well as therapeutic guidelines pinpointed, indicating the reasons (or not reasons) for choosing a particular direction or area to continue with during the treatment.

The tailoring of a massage to suit the needs of a client, as well as the guidelines of therapeutics will thus be studied in practice in two ways: once felt on ourselves, and on the other occasions demonstrated on our fellow students. The time after these sessions will be devoted to giving and receiving full body massages supervised by teachers with feedback, in other words the fine tuning of the beginners material. During these periods, we can optionally focus on the questions and weak points of participants in connection to their full body massage.

For this, it’s advised to come prepared with a checklist of questions, forgotten or barely practiced techniques, and other problems accumulated through our practice. A great three days to push our practice towards therapeutics, as well as to reignite the spark of those who feel they have not practiced enough after their beginners course.

The daily practise follows the curriculum of the Thai Yoga Massage Training (see above).

If you have any questions about the specific content of the workshops, please feel free to ask. To those with some experience in Thai Yoga Massage the titles may be self explanatory, however, this might not be true for everyone.


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