Merge the Monkeys April 2016

Retreat with yoga, acroyoga, acrobatics, Thai massage, and meditation

9th to 17th of April in Bodrum, Turkey

In a nutshell

Still not feeling warm? Need some extra sun, light, warmth and want to highlight all of this with acroyoga playtime and hanging out with a bunch of grand people, as grand as you are?

We can help you do this.

We deliver.

We found, already tested (see the pictures below: taken at the end of February) and will now finally conquer a brand new acroyoga location in the south of Turkey. Bodrum. Cosy beaches opening to the Mediterranean Sea, 4 villas each with 4 twin rooms plus extensive garden and a pool, all next to each other and in walking distance to the sea.

We teachers will do our best to add the matching ingredients — professional classes, decent and healthy food, sightseeing tours, clubbing — to the paradise this place already is.

If winter hasn’t drained you completely and you can muster the energy to sign up to this event we guarantee 9 additional days of summer packed with action and relaxation. Optionally you can come for a weekend (2 days) or a full week (7 days). Drop-ins for a day for locals is also possible, please ask for conditions.

Winter was coming. And is over now.

Interested? Apply by dropping a line to We will give you the details of how to fully register. Limited to 25 participants. Be quick. This is an event people will not want to miss.

Pricing is 530€ for all 9 days including participation in the program, lodging and breakfast. 7 days 440€, weekend: 150€.

When you bring your tent: 9 days 420€, 7 days 350€, weekend 120€.

Special pricing for local acroyogis. Please get in touch with us directly.

If someone of you monkeys is interested in taking care of the food and kitchen for lunch and dinner, please get in touch.

Here are the details

Getting there: Fly to Bodrum Airport and share a taxi or we will fetch you for 30€.

Lodging: twin rooms with air conditioning and a bathroom including toilet and shower, 3 of the rooms have access to large balconies. Bedsheets and towels are on site. A limited number of tents can be put up in the garden. There will be one center villa which is used for cooking, hanging out, classes, playing in the garden, slacklining, swimming, or playing in the pool. The other villas will be used for sleeping only. This special arrangement was made to keep the rent and therefore the pricing low. The regular price for a single villa to rent is 2500 Euros per week, so we are really, really lucky.

Food: Breakfast will be provided in the center villa’s kitchen: vegan porridge with stewed, fresh and dried fruit plus green smoothies. Lunch and dinner is on you. Often it is possible to get discounts at a restaurant when coming as a group accompanied by a local, in this case Arda, who knows the restaurant’s owner. You are free to use the kitchen to prepare any kind of food you like over the day. You find shops to buy food all over the place.

Team of teachers:

Language support: Mostly thanks to Kadri English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Turkish speaking people are all
welcome and will be responded alike.




some images from Merge the Monkeys (No. 0)


=== Pre season villa, pool still empty







=== Breakfast





=== Cove no 1 — the pre season beach and restaurants






=== Stolling from cove no 1 to cove no 2




=== Cove no 2 — the pier



=== Cove no 3 — waves



=== Touring futher west



== On Facebook



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